A MARTIAL arts club operating in Oswestry and Whitchurch has recently attained a 100 per cent pass rate at a grading.

Whitchurch, Malpas and Oswestry taekwondo club took 23 students of different levels to Newcastle-under-Lyme to be graded by Ron Sergiew 9th Degree black belt.

The grading process is what each taekwondo student has to go through each time they wish to progress to the next belt.

Each student is judged on their techniques, a series of moves, self-defence and sparring.

Coach Carl Rudolf said he was extremely impressed to see his students all progress to their next belts.

“I am very proud of all the hard work, effort, skill and commitment shown by all our students grading.

“We had students of all ages and grades from white belt to red belt.

“Whether they were starting or continuing their journey to achieving a black belt, they all did extremely well.”

The next grading will be held in Whitchurch in June, where students will be looking to progress again.

Below are the names of those who passed their gradings.

Oswestry Students: Alexis Botham – blue belt; Frank Heerdt – Yelleow Belt; Ashton Hopgood – Yellow Stripe; Samantha Machin – Green Stripe; Holly owens – Green Belt; Lily Ryder – Red Stripe; Mattias Sant’Anna Heerdt – Yelleow Belt; Gabriel Sant’Anna Heerdt – Yellow Belt; Rory Tinsly – Black Stripe; Dan Valentine – Black Stripe; Amelia Willmott – Blue Belt; Carl Willmott – Red Belt.

Whitchurch Students: Eleri Crofts – Yellow Belt; Alys Crofts – Yellow Belt; Isobel Heathcote – Blue Stripe; Oscar Hinton – Yellow Belt; Joshua Jones – Yellow belt; Sebastian Jones – Yellow Stripe; Cherry Langley – Red Stripe; Stuart Langley – Red Stripe.