Chris Davies MP has said that the UK needs to gets its “foot out of the door” and leave the EU at the end of March.

The MP for Brecon and Radnorshire voted in favour of the UK leaving the EU without a deal tonight, Wednesday, March 13, and backed the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on Tuesday, March 12, which was rejected by the House of Commons by a majority of 149.

The motion to keep a "no-deal brexit" on the table was defeated in the house of commons this evening by 312 to 308, meaning parliament is committed to securing a withdrawal agreement from the European Union.

The Conservative MP said: “This week I backed the Prime Minister’s deal in the House of Commons to leave the EU at the end of this month. Sadly the proposed deal by the Prime Minister was not enough to win over the majority needed in the house.

“I was unhappy with large elements of the proposed withdrawal deal but I was willing to compromise and back it.

“I also voted to keep a no-deal option on the table as I believe this respects the result of the referendum.

“We need to get our foot out of the door and leave the EU on March 29. This is the start of the journey of our withdrawal and not the end and I will do all I can to try and ensure this happens.

“The country expects politicians to get on with the job and sadly there are many in Parliament who are trying to stop the will of the people being implemented.”