A CHIRK factory must work with the community after plans for a new production facility were deferred, according to a local councillor.

The plans for the Kronospan site to create a new orientated stand board production facility, which would have increased lorry movements through the area by almost 200 a day, were deferred amid traffic concerns.

Councillor Terry Evans believes the factory needs to do more to consider those living in the area.

Speaking about the decision, he said: “The factory is absolutely huge.

“Yes, it does employ a lot of people and everyone is grateful for a job, but it’s got to a stage where they’re trying to fit a quart into a pint pot.

“It’s just too big.”

It was suggested that there may be a chance to put a new road in at the site to take away some of the traffic from the roads running through the town.

Cllr Evans said this is something the factory must seriously consider if they wish to put the plans forward again.

“The current roads really can’t cope,” he added.

“They must now consider putting a road in.

“Not only are the current roads in a bad state, but they’re also on a school route – that many more lorries on a daily basis would have a huge impact.

“If they’re saying they want to increase production by around 50 per cent, then surely they’re going to need a bigger increase in lorry movements.

“They boast at meetings how they’re spending £250million to have one of the best sites for production. That’s great for them, but what about the community and the environmental impact it has.

“I think they need to do a lot more on that front.

“I will say that if the plan does go ahead, I sincerely hope they look at getting a new road put in place.”

Kronospan has declined to comment at this stage.