BIRMINGHAM is set to be the next city to host the Knife Angel following its stint in Coventry.

A number of cities and towns have come forward to express their interest in becoming the next temporary host of the sculpture.

The Angel, created at the British Ironwork Centre, has been on a tour of the UK and so far, has stopped in Liverpool and Hull, and this week is set to arrive in Coventry.

It has been confirmed that Gloucester will host the sculpture in the coming months, however Birmingham is being prioritised as the next host following the stint in Coventry.

British Ironwork Centre chairman Clive Knowles said the “heavy peak” in knife crime in Birmingham is the reason why it has been prioritised.

“The escalation of knife-related incidents has been very sharp,” he said.

“The heavy peak in knife crime means Birmingham is being prioritised as the next location.

“It is being installed in Coventry on Thursday, March 14 and it will remain there until April 23.

“They are focusing on intensely educating the youth with it there – that’s their main reason for hosting it, as a catalyst for education.

“Coventry is taking responsibility and paying for the Knife Angel to be transported to Birmingham after its stay.”

There has been plenty more interest from various locations to host the sculpture following its stint in Coventry and Birmingham.

After Birmingham it is set to move to Gloucester.

Clive added: “Gloucester are going to be hosting the angel with the same idea as Coventry.

“All schools and youth clubs will be encouraged to go to the educational workshops and learn about the issues.”

Leeds, Cleveland, Bristol, Worcester, Hereford and Wrexham are among the long list of places wishing to become a temporary home to the sculpture following its stint in Gloucester.