Despite being blessed with a number of beautiful and challenging golf courses across north Shropshire, some golfers just can’t resist the lure of the hot weather and famous greens out in America.

That’s certainly the case for four golfers at the Mile End club, who are set to fly over to the south-east coast of the US to take part in a tournament played on one of the world’s most famous courses.

Dave Thomas, Paul Davies, Bob Grovestock-Thompson, Colin Amyes and club professional James Davies are preparing to play a round on the Sawgrass course in Florida just a matter of days after The Players Championship takes place there.

James has taken the group on several pro-am trips over the past few years, and spoke of how enjoyable the experiences have been.

“It started when a few members approached me asking if we could arrange a really nice pro-am trip – something really flash and different.

“I thought initially it would be a one-off trip but the same guys year after year keep wanting to go because the trips are amazing.

“It’s got to a point now when we’re doing Scottsdale and Sawgrass each year – the experience you get is just out of this world.

“Sawgrass is a course which is so well-known – you see it on television growing up or play on it on your PlayStation as a kid, so when you drive up the driveway to the resort, you’re just in awe of everything around you, I can’t explain it.

“The ability to be in a place you’ve always admired, and you’ve dreamt of playing at is phenomenal.

“It’s the best experience I’ve ever had. It’s the best course I’ve played by a country-mile. No other course comes close to it.”

The Mile End club pro is looking forward to taking to the famous course, particularly the famous 17th hole.

The group will be rubbing shoulders with some of the game’s modern-day greats – something which has never failed to leave them in awe.

James added: “From the minute you arrive you’re treated like a proper player and in the hotel, you’re rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s best players.

“I was waiting in a queue to check in and Dustin Johnson walked by – we also saw Jason Day and Tommy Fleetwood sat in the bar there – it’s absolutely fantastic.

“It’s almost as close as you’ll ever get to actually being in that event.”

James insisted that the group will not let the presence of golfing greats affect their performance, as they hope to emulate the success they had in their pro-am tournament at Scottsdale.

He said: “We finished second in Scottsdale, so we’ll be looking for more success this time round.

“You learn the more you play over there because the courses are so different – the grass is so nicely cut and so smooth it almost looks fake.

“Because the course is ready for tournament golf when you get there it’s in top condition.

“If you try playing shots over there as you would on courses over here, it isn’t always going to work.

“The greens are very fast, the grass is too thick outside the greens, so you have to practice leading up to the event.”