Kits formerly worn by a football club near Oswestry have been given a new lease of life after they were sent over to Kenya.

Oswestry-based charity Kenyan Schools Project had a batch of Trefonen FC kits sent to them to be redistributed to one of the schools they help in Kenya.

This isn’t the first time the charity has sent kits over to schools in Kenya, and Bill and Lynn Morris are delighted to see another suitcase full of sportswear put to good use.

Bill’s friend, Sam Matata, originally from Kenya, was able to take the kits over to the primary school he once studied at.

Bill said: “It was great of Sam to take the kits over.

“There were enough kits for the boys and girls at the primary school – to us, it’s such a good thing to see.

“It’s unbelievable for the Trefonen lads who once wore those kits to see them being worn halfway across the world.

“It’s great to see the kits have a purpose rather than being sat in a box doing nothing.

“We’re only a small charity, but when we see pictures like this, it speaks volumes about the impact things like this can make.”

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