The League Cup final saw one of the most bizarre things I have seen – the refusal of a player to be substituted by their manager.

Kepa Arrizabalaga, who had cramp twice, was being taken off by his manager Maurizio Sarri before the penalties before he ignored him and refused to come off.

I can’t quite believe it and for me, it shows the lack of respect there is for the manager. Whether Kepa was still fit enough to continue didn’t really matter to me; the manager wanted him off.

And you don’t know if that cramp was the reason Sarri wanted Willy Caballero on – we all know he’s a brilliant penalty saver.

It might have been in the manager’s plans anyway but we do know now that Sarri says it was all a big misunderstanding, but that Kepa went about it the wrong way.

As a manager, if you can’t get that message over then you rely on the next in line, probably your captain and ask them to get him off. You would tell them to get off the pitch.

There were millions of people all over the world watching that cup final and it looks like Sarri has been massively undermined by his keeper.

That comes at a time when his position and the standing of the club is poor anyway so this only serves to make it worse.

It showed a lack of control on the manager’s hands.

Only the club know if they want to get rid of Sarri, and if they don’t, they have to keep a £70 million goalkeeper onside too because they can’t sign a new one.

There’s not much point in saying we’ll drop or fine you because that runs the risk of him downing tools, so Chelsea have to play it safe.

It all depends on how they view the manager’s future.

If they do think that he is worth keeping on, then I would imagine the club would give him the decision on how to deal with the player, who has apologised for the way he spoke to the bench.

By the way, the incident came at the very end of what was billed as ‘Super Sunday’ but turned out to be a damp squib for both games. Liverpool against Manchester United was scrappy with no flow or chances.

I think United would have been happier with a point than Liverpool.