Third direct train service badly needed

SHROPSHIRE badly needs a third daily direct train service to London, stresses Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski.

Meanwhile, North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson argues its start point should include Chirk and Gobowen.

Twice-daily London direct train services from Shropshire should now be stepped up, because passenger figures have exceeded all expectations, claims Mr Kawczynski – and he plans to say that to Virgin, who run the 6.39am train arriving in Euston by 9.13am as well as the 15.24 arriving 17.56.

Back in 2017 Mr Paterson first suggested the direct service should be be extended beyond Shrewsbury to Gobowen and Chirk and on to Chester.

At that time Virgin told him there were “logistical problems” – but since then the Wrexham to Chester track has been doubled.

Check out new loos

KEEP your wits about you when using Cae Glas Park’s posh new toilets.

Quite the opposite of how they were before, the gents’ toilets has been moved to the left and the ladies’ to the right!

But do examine the smart lime green decor, attractive slate floor and new hand dryers that dry you in seconds.

The council spent a penny or two, and several months, updating it, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s all been worth it.

Good to work together

GOBOWEN’S Orthopaedic Hospital supports a new report, to which it contributed, saying NHS hospitals could carry out an extra 291,000 routine operations a year with new measures.

The NHS annually performs five million non-urgent operations – risen from 3.7 million in 2004.

Director of operations Nia Jones said: “We have been working alongside NHS Improvement as one of 100 trusts participating in the research...and we welcome it.”

Trouser triumph!

I BOUGHT a rather nice cavalry twill type pair of men’s trousers last weekend – and paid for them with a single coin!

The BHS pants, originally priced at £20, on offer at the town’s catalogue shop for an incredible £1.99. That sure beat the pants off the opposition!

A confusing cocktail

AS IF it wasn’t confusing enough by naming a cocktail bar cum restaurant ‘The Cemist’ – without as much as an aspirin in sight – a ‘pharmacy’ sign still persists above it. It was put there by ‘the chemist with an h’ earlier occupant and still states: ‘Church Street Pharmacy’!

FINALLY, fancy naming two male arrivals at Powis Castle - already famous for its peacocks? The two newcomers arrived at the National Trust property back in November. To to make your suggestions, visit the Powis Castle and Garden NT Facebook page.