OWNERS of a popular independent cinema have spoken amid rumours they may have to relocate.

KinoKulture has been based at Christ Church in Arthur Street, but it is believed the cinema’s future in the building may be coming to end in April.

It was revealed the cinema were going to struggle to keep up with the costs of being at the church as their five-year lease comes to an end and they look to renegotiate another deal.

After discussions, KiniKulture owners Ian Garland and Ruth Carter had reportedly deemed the 20 per cent increase in rent, along with costs of repairs, to be beyond their means.

Another issue is the short-term lease offered, which is a two-year lease with an option to extend by one year.

However, the cinema and church representatives have been in discussion since and have revealed they are hoping to continue working together.

A joint statement written by Ian and Reverend Carole Marsden of the church: “KinoKulture and Christ Church, Oswestry have always been fully committed to ensuring the future of KinoKulture and continue to work together to this end.

“Both Kinokulture and Christ Church face challenges in today’s social and economic climate but are optimistic that a positive future is ahead.

“Ongoing legal discussions mean that it would be inappropriate for past, current and future details to be shared or commented on at this point but both Kinokulture and Christ Church look forward to sharing with the wider community in the future.”