Staff at a nursery school in Maesbury have admitted they need more public help after not quite digging up a time capsule.

Unicorn Nursery, in Maesbury Road, planned to dig up a time capsule at the former Maesbury School site on Saturday, but have yet not located the box and now believe there is more than one buried in the field.

Alvena McGregor, manager at Unicorns, says the idea of digging up the capsule first came about when the new nursery opened.

She has been out digging with her officer in charge Joy Hayward and have made a number of metal finds with their detectors, but she feels more help is needed.

"It came about last summer when parents were coming to have a look around the nursery," she said.

"One parent came to look around with her mum and she remembered burying a time capsule when she was a pupil at Maesbury school.

"But that reached a dead end, so we did some more research but we couldn't get any information.

"About a month ago it came up again, so we put an appeal out on social media and our Facebook to ask about the 'Time Capsule' and about where it was.

"Joy's sister said she and her class planted a time capsule. We thought it was a great way for us to celebrate our one-year anniversary.

"But sadly, we didn't manage it and people have said they think there's one buried in the corner of the field but then some others think there's five of them.

"It could just be one of them and people think they're all buried in different places.

"But there's a bit of a time issue now as the Forestry Commission are coming to plant 500 trees. Our forestry teacher Morgan Barr has planned the panting so we can still use the field.

"But we can't dig in it once they're planted, so we're appealing to people to come to use with any information as soon as possible."

Di Rogers used to teach Key Stage One at the former school between 1987-92 and she took part in a time capsule ceremony, but not where they have bee digging.

She said: "I remembered burying a time capsule but I can't remember where, and what we buried it in, or what we buried in it.

"But I do remember we put some newspaper in.

"It's great to see the school being used for educational purposes."