MORE needs to be done to improve safety and sustainability in Shropshire’s transport infrastructure.

Car-free zones, safe cycle routes and better public transport links are all being looked at under Shropshire Council’s Local Transport Plan.

Members of the council’s Great Outdoors Strategy Board were also told that the plan would be looking at more safe crossing points and introducing 20’s Plenty areas.

Karl Hounsell, who is working on the plan, gave members a presentation on the issues he was looking at.

He said: “We invited 230 people to an engagement event and 64 attended and took part and we are now hoping to get funding to go into sixth forms in a bid to get views from the younger generation board.

“What we were told is that there is a  massive apathy on buses and when we asked what aspect of transport worked well, the answer ‘none’ came out on top.

“We have found there is a lack of safe crossing points, 20’s Plenty schemes are being rolled out in neighbouring areas and could be looked at.

“We are also looking at improving safety and sustainability for all users.

“We need to put people and place first and improve health and safety and cycle route.

“When looking at cycle routes we need to look at them being useful. A one-mile cycle route which goes from and to somewhere useful would be better than a 10-mile route which goes nowhere.

“We need to look at local level and at car free ones and pedestrianisation to meet air quality zones and sustainability.”

He added that schemes such as encouraging people to walk to school and work are being encouraged.

This is the fourth LTP for Shropshire and will set out how the council and partner groups intend to maintain, manage and improve transport provision in the county until 2026.