MORETON Hall under-13s Cricket Team is celebrating becoming group winners in the North Shropshire qualifier for the Lady Taverners Indoor Cricket competition.

Students competed against neighbouring schools and colleges including Ellesmere College, Packwood Haugh and Thomas Adams, which took place at Oswestry School.

Isla McDonald-O`Brien and Catherine Moreton Willets batted with some smart wicketkeeping from Issy Harpin.

Imogen Ward and Mimie Griffiths displayed accurate bowling and strong fielding across the team contributed to the success victory on the day.

Alison McDonald, Director of Sport at Moreton Hall, said, “The team worked hard to defend their position during the competition and we are now delighted to qualify to the next stage in the county finals in March at Shrewsbury Sports Village.

“The girls have their sights set on attending the finals of the Lady Taverners cricket competition at Lord's and this recent success takes them one step closer to their dream."