Students from around the world joined members of the Rotary Club of Oswestry last week for the annual International Students Evening.

Youngsters from China, Thailand, Italy and Germany – plus many more – gave insights into their lives and their education at home.

And they also revealed some of the differences between their homelands and the UK.

Most of the students are currently on exchange programmes at Oswestry School, Ellesmere College, Adcote School in Little Ness, Moreton Hall near Weston Rhyn, and the Marches School in Oswestry.

Wiktoria Bak from Adcote School, who is from Poland, said: “England is very nice. People are always smiling.

“My scholarship [to go to Adcote] was not easy but it was worth it and it is important in my life.”

Vlad Barabash, who was born in Belarus and now attends the Marches School, told the evening: “I came to the UK when I was six.

“I’m currently studying chemistry, biology and maths and hope to go to university to become a doctor.”

And Katie Lien from Hong Kong, who is studying at Moreton Hall, added in her speech about home: “We appreciate what they [the British government] have done for the economy in Hong Kong.

“It is a unique time and there are improvements in many systems which were set up by the British government.”

David Griggs, from the Rotary Club of Oswestry, thanked the students and their teachers for attending and for their insights.