DRAINAGE problems at a "valued" town centre facility are making it extremely slippery and can prevent it from being used, a report has said.

Oswestry town councillors are set to discuss £3,000 of works at Cae Glas Park to deal with drainage problems that cause algae, which can make the surface slippery.

Assistant town clerk Arren Roberts said in a report to next Wednesday's Amenities Committee that the surface does not drain well due to a "build up of organic matter over the years", and that "essential works" were needed.

"This encourages the growth of algae which can make the surface extremely slippy, in addition large puddles form meaning the 'astro' cannot be used," he added.

"A recent clean by park staff has made some difference but there is a need to use a specialist company to carry out a thorough clean and re-dressing of the surface."

The surface was installed several years ago thanks to a successful partnership between the town council, Oswestry Team Tennis and Oswestry Boys and Girls Club.

Mr Roberts said that while the surface is not heavily used, it does provide a "valued facility" for both tennis and football, used by the two clubs as well as private hire.

The clerk added that while there were alternative options – such as laying down tarmac or installing a 4G surface – this "would limit usage by either football or tennis".

But he added: "It may be in the long run that other options are considered."