IN LIFE, film, and most obviously, lasagne, it’s the ‘crispy corners’ that are often the most enjoyable.

The things we love despite their faults.

In the same way that most of us treasure our children’s early hopeless daubings more than we would the Mona Lisa, two of my favourite recent films are flawed, but more lovable for that.

These films are both currently available to stream, so get those newly bought Smart TVs turned on and connected.

Catfight (on Netflix) is a tale of two women, once friends but now in vastly different social circles.

A cocktail party brings them together and concludes in a fracas that upends their respective fortunes.

Sandra Oh (Killing Eve) and Anne Heche lead this darkly funny take on American values, class, war in the middle east, helicopter parenting, the healthcare system, art, and more.

It doesn’t land all its punches, and runs out of steam near the end, but you can’t help but admire Catfight’s willingness to bite the hand that feeds and at least try to say something new about the world we live in.

Wonderstruck (Amazon Prime) is a much more serious and poignant film.

It also fudges its ending a little, what goes before is so wondrous and stirring that it deserves a crescendo, but only delivers a fade out.

Before then we get two beautiful tales of children living in different eras, one tale shot in black and white and presented as a silent film, the other set in the vibrant late 1970s.

Overlooked at the box office, the powerful score and great performances helped make this my favourite film of 2018.

What both of these films have in common is that they aim high, they try to achieve something spectacular, they may fall short, but you have to love them for trying.