THE latest developments in a tumultuous week in Westminster have provoked more reaction.

Susan Elan Jones, Labour Member of Parliament for Clwyd South, accused prime minister Theresa May was more concerned with appeasing the Conservative Party and the Democratic Union Party (DUP), after a vote of no confidence tabled by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn's motion of no confidence was defeated.

She added that Mrs May's refusal to rule out a no deal Brexit would be "disastrous" and said that Mr Corbyn was right to call the motion, which was 325 votes to 306 – adding that the prime minister would have lost the vote.

"I think unfortunately her greatest interest at the moment is keeping the Tory party on-side and trying to continue to secure the vote of the DUP regardless of how much money it costs. I think what we need to be doing is coming together and putting the national interest first."