BOOK lovers took a trip into 'inner space' with a well-known comedian and mental health campaigner.

Ruby Wax paid a visit to Lion Quays Hotel and Spa near Oswestry yesterday (Tuesday, January 15) to talk about her new book, How to Be Human.

The American performer told BBC Radio Shropshire Claire Ashford about her journey from comic interviewer to student of the human mind.

In the book, Ruby explores mindfulness and aspects of how the mind works with a monk, as well as how the brain works with a neuroscientist.

With her trademark wit, Ruby explained to the packed audience at the Booka Bookshop event how her quest started around 15 years ago in a bid to understand her own issues with depression – "hunting down" a Oxford professor.

"I cornered him and said 'What happens in the brain? I haven't got time and if I did I do I will learn salsa - go!'," she said

"He got a little snarky and said 'you're going to have to go to Oxford and do your masters', and I did. Nobody was as surprised as that man."

Ruby told how she wanted to understand her own issues with self-confidence, and gave some insight into the 'Stone Age' brain focuses onto negativity for evolutionary survival – and how we can concentrate on the 'higher brain' to encourage empathy, happiness and compassion.

On her fascination with with the mind, Ruby said: "What's more interesting than how our mind works? [It is] to me anyway. There's all these show about outer space with Brian Cox but inner space is the place to go."