Whitchurch's town mayor, Councillor Tony Neville, is urging people to take part in a Shropshire Council consultation on where new development can take place.

Shropshire Council's principal planning officer Edward West spoke to around 50 residents at Whitchurch Civic Centre on Friday night about areas where they are looking to develop between 2016-36.

Cllr Neville was there with fellow council representatives to hear the plans, but he insisted that residents right across Whitchurch need to get involved to ensure the right development happens in the town.

"I was pleased to see it was well-attended to hear Shropshire Council's plans," said Cllr Neville.

"People are obviously going to have concerns about where new sites are going to be, so I would urge everyone to get involved.

"We want them to get their views put forward and get involved.

"We know that the recent Brambles development has made people sit up and think about where they want sites to go.

"Get online and get your views put across."

Mr West told attendees that Whitchurch is considered as one of five principal centres in Shropshire i.e. one of five outside Shrewsbury.

He said 1,600 dwellings need to be built between 2016-36, which includes 90 already completed in 2016/17 and 956 already committed to in the same period.

It means that 554 dwellings need to be built, while employment land at Heath Road and Waymills is still under consideration for future development.

But for the consultation, Shropshire Council has identified three sites for development, including 190 dwellings for land off Chester Road south of The Mount, minimum 180 dwellings for land north of Waymills and around 70 dwellings on land between Liverpool Road to Alkington Road.

Meanwhile, Mr West added that Prees will considered as a community hub with land north of Tudor House aiming for 170 dwellings.

Tilstock, Ash Magna, Ash Parva, Prees Heath and Ightfield and Calverhall will be considered as community clusters, as requested Whitchurch Rural Parish Council.

Shropshire councillor for Whitchurch North, Peggy Mullock, added: "I would think that people will have concerns about the new sites in Whitchurch, so I urged them to get involved with Shropshire.

"They need to get online and fill in the application form, or even write a letter or send an email, but preferably, fill in that form. They must make their voices heard.

"We know that development in this town is a concern so we want people to have their say."

The consultation has been extended to February 8 and can bee seen at...