Shoppers in Oswestry town centre on Saturday afternoon were given their own mini-European referendum as a pro-Remain group carried out a survey.

Members of Open Britain and European Movement Oswestry and North Shropshire spoke to residents and shoppers who voted remain and leave alike.

They were required to put a sticker on a option to leave, leave with Prime Minister Theresa May's deal, leave with no deal and to remain.

Peter Pack was among the group surveying the residents and shoppers in Oswestry on Saturday afternoon, and he says it was a worthwhile exercise.

"We're from Open Britain and we're working with European Movement Oswestry and North Shropshire.

"It's important that we keep challenging democracy and show that people can change their mind.

"We know that some people are set in their view but we also know that others are up for grabs.

"We think that democracy is important. For the response we've had from people from Oswestry is that quite a lot put their sticker in remain.

"It's all been quite respectful and civil. Also, it's been good to get people talking politics on the streets in Oswestry on a Saturday – it's good for the community."

The group had set up on the corner of Cross and Church Street, opposite HSBC, and spoke to more than 100 people for their survey.