Residents in Ellesmere were able to take advantage of a free service to help reduce bike theft in the town.

A free bike marking service was provided by local company 'A Mere' Cycle alongside West Mercia Police at the Town Hall on Saturday.

Both young and old were able to take their two wheels – from BMXs to Mountain bikes – and be marked to enable them to be better identified if stolen.

Rob Williams, from Ellesmere, was among those who took his bike in.

"I've had my bike marked up," he said.

"It's a free service that I have taken advantage of. I think people need to take this up – it's a local company's idea with the town's police officer, so it's great to see.

"I urge people to come down and get their bikes marked if the service is offered again.

"We see on social media that people have bought their kids bikes for Christmas, and they're starting to be stolen.

"It's a free service so people should take advantage of it."

Tracey Walker, police community support officer for Ellesmere, added: "We've had a good few number of people come down which is brilliant to see.

"We urge anyone who wants to get their bike marked, then get in touch with 'A Mere' Cycle or come down the next time we do this.

"We can't stop the bikes getting stolen but we can help you get the bikes recovered if they are marked."

Jo Evans, from A Mere Cycle, said: "I was here on behalf of my husband Rod, whose idea this was with Tracey.

"Sadly, he is unwell. But to see people turn up and do this shows that they are interested in the protection of people in the town.

"If anyone wants to ask about having their bikes marked away from session, then please do get in touch."

Call 01691 773298 or 07988 842038 for more, or email