INCREASED patrols have been deployed in Oswestry as police move to reassure residents over antisocial behaviour concerns.

Inspector Tracey Ryan said yesterday (Thursday) that patrols including plain clothes officers would be increased in the next few days in relation to several incidents in recent weeks.

Insp Tracey Ryan mentioned several incidents, including a rock reportedly being thrown at a car in Cabin several days ago.

The inspector said that while posting incidents on social media made more people aware of them, it also "increases fear", adding that the incidents were "relatively minor in the bigger scheme of things".

"We would appeal to people to let us know what happens rather than just post it on social media because we cannot do anything about things we don't know about," she added.

"Antisocial behaviour is an issue for the people it affects but it's isolated to these people.

"Oswestry is a safe place to be. We have relatively minor issues mostly for the Safer Neighbour Team to deal with."

Oswestry Safer Neighbour Team will attend a public meeting in the town on antisocial behaviour on January 31.

While there were some matters that could affect quality of life but not police matters, the inspector said that "where there's anything we can investigate, we will".

Insp Ryan added that the issue regarding the alleged slashing incident on Shelf Bank on Tuesday was "nothing that need concern the wider community" and was "contained to a smaller group of people".