COUNCILLORS are set to investigate ways to tackle climate change.

Oswestry Town Council accepted that there is a climate emergency and resolved to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

In her motion to the Finance and General Purposes Committee, Councillor Olly Rose said that an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change report in October summarised the current scientific consensus on how society might limit global warming to 1.5 degrees – as well as the likely consequences of greater increases.

On what society needs to do, she said: "We can't put our heads in the sand anymore and I feel that we have to look into the future and realise what we're doing and the impact we're having on our world."

The council resolved to complete a carbon audit and action plan to deliver sustained reductions in its carbon footprint,require reports to identify the impact of any proposals on its carbon footprint, and

to form a working party to encourage the people of Oswestry to reduce carbon emissions and "become more resilient to climate change".

After the meeting Cllr Rose said: “I am delighted that Oswestry has joined with Councils including Liverpool, Bristol and Stroud in recognising the impact that climate change is already starting to have on the prospects for the children growing up in our town.

"I am grateful to fellow councillors for their support in this and look forward to hearing from local people on their own ideas for cutting carbon emissions for the benefit of future generations”.