It’s that time of year when we enter panto season - and although that’s not usually what the talented Attfield Theatre team in Oswestry provide, they’ve come pretty close with their current offering.

Danny the Champion of the World has it all - a baddie, the comedy relief, a hero, and - of course - a good sprinkling of audience participation (but more on that later!).

For those who don’t know the Roald Dahl story it centres on Danny Evans, who lives in a gypsy caravan with his father and helps him to run the local garage. The pair are very close - Danny’s mother died when he was young - and are popular in their small community.

But when Lady Victoria Hazell causes trouble it falls on young Danny to save the day.

Attfield’s take on the David Wood adaptation stars not one, but two, talented youngsters - 10-year-old Jake Dillon and 14-year-old Dylan Bolton.

Opening night on Monday saw teenager Dylan take to the stage and what a performance he gave.

The chemistry between him and Dave Ryder, who played Danny’s father, William, was truly believable, and he confidently delivered a series of monologues throughout the performance.

And as for the earlier mentioned audience participation, well Dylan had everyone on their feet which is no mean feat.

Special mentioned also goes to Liz Franks who played Lady Hazell and was easy to dislike as the bossy landowner who thinks she can bully Danny and his dad - I was so close to ‘booing’ in true panto style!

I also especially liked to nod to Roald Dahl’s other books with title characters illustrated in true Quentin Blake style on Danny’s caravan home - see how many you can spot!

And a final ‘round of applause’ goes to director Janos Barber, who made his directorial debut in true style.

So if you have the chance make sure you catch Danny the Champion of the World before it closes on Saturday.

For tickets call 01691 680222.