PLANS for a new crematorium near Oswestry have received a barrage of objections.

The proposals by The Westerleigh Group to build the base north of Nesscliffe have been met by criticism from Shropshire residents and Shropshire Council’s Outdoor Partnerships Country Parks Team.

The company says that the proposed site would ease congestion at other crematoria and reduce cortege times for families in both Oswestry and Shrewsbury.

Since the plans were published in September, 16 objections have been left on the online planning application.

One of the recurring objections is the proposed location of the new crematorium.

Katharine Walker said: “Please, do not allow a crematorium to be built in Nesscliffe.

“It's a terrible idea. Nesscliffe is a small village and, should a crematorium be built here, cremations will become the main activity of the village.”

Her thoughts were echoed by Alison Mullis, who wrote: “I object to this application as it is not the right location.

“It would be better served on the edge of a town which is identified to need this service, not a small village.

“Shrewsbury, Telford and Wrexham have crematoriums, all of these, I believe, are not running to full capacity, and are in towns, where there is a good range of public services, and easily accessible.”

Tim and Judy Creyke were surprised to see the application submitted.

They wrote: “When we first heard of this proposal, we thought it was a joke. But now it is a planning application, so we object.

“If Oswestry needs a crematorium it should be on the edge of Oswestry where people can most easily reach it.”

The one comment supporting the proposals was left by Roman Szandrowski, who said: “I think this is a good use of the land.”