A SCULPTURE created at the British Ironwork Centre has been installed at a Chirk tourist attraction.

Chirk Castle will be the home to a seven-foot dragon over the festive period, provided by the centre near Oswestry as part of its community support programme.

The dragon will be on show for tourists visiting the attraction for the coming months before it returns to the Ironworks in the New Year.

Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre, Clive Knowles, said: “The dragon is heading to the castle to support tourism in the area.

“We work with several other tourist attractions across the border in Wales.

“We understand the importance of that – a lot of people visit North Wales because it’s one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

“If we help them, we’re also helping ourselves as people might pay us a visit as well.” It’s a nice thing for us to be helping each other in the community, we know the castle well so it’s very exciting for us.

“It’s lovely that we can all work together.”

The dragon’s design is based on a mythical creature and doesn’t follow the traditional Welsh dragon look.

It was taken to the castle last week and will be situated at the site over the festive period.

Clive added: “It’s a very original design and hopefully it’s received well at the castle.

“I really hope the visitors enjoy this unique piece of work.”