A GIRL has shown her musical talent by earning a place in a national choir.

Iris Downes, a Year 9 student at Moreton Hall near Weston Rhyn, has secured a spot on the National Youth Girls' Choir of Great Britain.

The soprano earned her place after making an impression at an audition day in Shrewsbury.

“I felt very excited as I did not expect to get in and was going with an open mind. It was my first ever audition. At the start of the audition, I had to sing my accompanied one minute piece," she said.

“Next I sang my unaccompanied folk song, which went surprisingly well as I had only started learning it a couple of weeks before. Following this, I had vocal tests which focused on my breathing. The last test was sight reading.

“I am so excited to have this fantastic opportunity and I cannot wait for the first residential training week in the Easter holidays.”

The audition day in Shrewsbury was one of 23 days across the UK for the choir, which has around 200 members.

Iris’s music teacher, Amy Lott added: “Iris thoroughly deserves this life-enhancing opportunity.”