A WELL-KNOWN salesman has retired after more than 60 years in the business.

Elwyn Hughes, 83, from Oswestry, has been hailed for his efforts in the farming community by sales agency Agri-Lloyd, where he worked for the last 20 years.

Mr Hughes sold feeds and fertilisers, becoming a respected member of the agricultural community.

Joanne Turvey, of Agri-Lloyd, said the veteran salesman has long been a vital component in the business for providing service to customers in and around the Oswestry area.

She said: "Elwyn has worked in the local area giving valuable service to his customers, providing Agri-Lloyd’s range of nutritional supplements and complementary feeding stuffs plus valuable advice and expertise."

As a token of appreciation for his service, Agri-Lloyd’s Charles Honey and Christine Lewis presented him with a sculpture of a Welsh Black Bull, Elwyn’s favourite breed of cattle, as a memento of his time with the company.

"Charles and Christine will be covering Elwyn’s sales territory and will do their very best to ensure they continue to provide the excellent service, following in Elwyn’s footsteps," Joanne added.

Agri-Lloyd has been at the forefront of ruminant nutrition for 30 years and is recognised as one of the few real specialists in this field, with modern custom built production facilities.

It leads a group of companies supplying unique and innovative nutritionally inspired products to the professional livestock farmer.