The National Farmers Union has marked the hundred years since the end of the First World War with a tribute to those in the countryside who played their part in the war effort.

The NFU has recognised those heroes who fought for their country and those who helped produce the nation’s food during a time of crisis.

More than 250,000 farmers enlisted with the British Army to fight on the front line.

At the same time 66,000 soldiers, 12,000 members of the Women’s Land Army and 148,000 women helped to tend the countryside to produce food to sustain the war effort.

NFU president Minette Batters believes it is important to remember those who did their best to support the country in every way they could.

She said: “As the nation remembers those who fought and died on the front line, the NFU wanted to pay its tribute, however small, to the people who gave so much during a time of bitter conflict.

“We also pay tribute to the people who helped produce food to sustain the nation – a key supporting role during the ongoing crisis.

"The sacrifices made during the Great War are still felt around the world today, and we join everyone in remembering the people who fought for our country both on and off the front line.”

The NFU has posted a video on its website, explaining the role of the countryside in hoping to produce food for the country during the German naval blockades.

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