THE COMMUNITY of Ellesmere has come together to create a “unique and thought-provoking” Garden of Remembrance at Our Space which will be opened this week.

The project sees the garden filled with larger-than-life flowers made from a variety of materials using different techniques to remember those who fought and gave their lives in the First World War, and also for those left behind at home.

The Garden of Remembrance will be officially opened at 11am on Saturday when the Rev John Vernon will conduct a short service of dedication.

The display has enabled all of the town and surrounding villages to participate in making this floral art installation, with contributions from individuals, local clubs, businesses and schools.

Bob McBride, president of the Ellesmere and District branch of The Royal British Legion, said: “The Garden of Remembrance is a demonstration of true feeling from all walks of life in the community; after all, it was from all walks of life that left to go to war.”

Red poppies, white peace lilies and blue forget-me-nots were chosen as the perfect blooms to make as they symbolise peace and remembrance.

Sally Poynton, the organiser of the project and volunteer at Our Space, said the aim of the project was to encourage the innovation and use of found, recycled and donated materials.

“The creations reveal a previous life, not flower-like at all – lilies created from milk containers, forget-me-nots fashioned from carpet and building items destined for the skip, poppies from drinks bottles, old hats and damp-proof sheets – the list goes on.

“This arty and crafty flower-making project for the First World War has been helped to success by generous donations from businesses, societies and individuals.

“Thanks to the Ellesmere branch of The Royal British Legion for their help and involvement and to Our Space for their support and encouragement.”

From dusk on the evening on Friday, November 30, the lawn will be lit by candlelight during the Ellesmere Winter Festival.

n The Garden of Remembrance will be on show until December 7.