THE freshly-emptied building that until recently housed The Original Factory Store, would make a brilliant and perfect town centre cinema. That’s because it once was one!

Strategically-sited where English Walls meets Leg Street, it’s so convenient for the ‘nightly deserted’ main car park – with the extra bonus of access from Cross Street.

Meanwhile, Trevor Harris who managed the once Regal then Granada, favours a brand new one, that he can’t find anyone to back, at Morrison’s planned new superstore with petrol station.

Kinokulture is doing an admirable job, but there’s something magical about being part of a large audience.

Come on town council, with your £4m windfall lessening by the day, plus your enviable power, maybe you could hold the kino key!

IT’S PARTICULARLY sad, after SaTH repeatedly hit the national headlines this autumn, that its A&E waiting times last month were the second worst in England. Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH) has also missed its target for cancer care, but did score highly in other areas, hitting targets in planned operations and mental health therapy.

In September, only 70.4 per cent of Shropshire patients were treated or admitted within four hours, according to NHS England, where the target is 95 per cent. The only trust lower than SaTH was the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, at 69.5 per cent. In England just 18 hit the 95 per cent target and SaTH was among the 113 trusts that didn’t. The English average was 88.9 per cent!

*IT SOUNDED great, at first, offering free Oswestry parking from 6pm to 8am – but the proposal’s linked to getting rid of the attractive 50p for the first hour. It wants us all to pay 80p minimum for the first ‘two’ hours.

For the snappy shopper that’s a sharp 62 per cent rise.

And it flies in the face of the suggestions all parking charges should be free anyway.

Do have your two penny worth in the letters column.

*HOW confusing! Most hospitals said they didn’t want back crutches, walking sticks and frames in need of sterilising – but now support a new drive asking you to return them!

Walking sticks cost the NHS £7, crutches £17 a pair and a walking frame £18.

Now the NHS is all singing from the same hymn sheet, the four fifths of you who didn’t, had better start returning them!

*LUCKY neighbours from Ellesmere are still glowing from a £30,000 each family windfall landed from a £180,000 Postcode Lottery win.

But what a wonderful non ‘life-changing’ amount they each pick-up; one that bring a huge smiles and a few luxury holidays or cars, but not life-changing.