A heritage style signal box cabin formerly at Weston Rhyn on the Shrewsbury to Chester line was lifted into its new position at the Corwen Central station site, adding a new dimension to the operational facilities being brought to the project in preparation for opening to trains in 2019.

The wooden structure has for long been a feature in storage in the station yard at Carrog since it as recovered from the level crossing at Weston Rhyn.

In recent months, volunteers engaged on the Corwen railway project have renovated and repainted the external structure to prepare it for the move two miles down the road to Corwen.

The movement was contracted to Rail Support Services, a specialist company in rail operations, aided by a 90 ton road crane supplied by Buckley’s Mobile Crane Services of Glan Conway. With lifting beams inserted below the cabin, the crane made short work of lifting the nearly 7-tonne cabin onto a low loader to enable a move as an abnormal load down the A5 road to Corwen.

Safely delivered onto the railway embankment, the road crane was deployed to lift the cabin onto the previously built block base where it was secured in its new location guarding the east end entrance to the new station layout.

The cabin now needs some further work to renovate the interior and refit the windows, as well as the construction of a set of steps to gain access. Ultimately a signalling frame and associated locking system will be installed to control the station track layout, but that will be some way off as other priorities must take precedent.

A spokesman for LR said, “ The operation to move and install the cabin was a major success and a massive weight off the minds of the project team leaders who planned the arrangements in conjunction with the contractors. It was also a big boost for the team of volunteers who have worked hard to prepare the structure.

“ Installing the signal box cabin has been an essential aspect of the next phase of the project before the track layout for the station loop is completed. With that in place shortly, the final alignment of the wall for platform 1 can be completed and the area of the island platform infilled to allow paving of the area to proceed. All this is work for the rest of the autumn period and we hope the weather will allow us to make continued progress throughout the winter with a view to being able to open a basic station facility during 2019.”