Picture Hugh Grant and you most likely think of a floppy haired young man being painfully awkward in late 1980s films like Maurice, or the metropolitan comedies of Richard Curtis such as Notting Hill.

From mid to late 1990s he was everywhere as the go to shy Brit, and since then….well, what exactly?

Most people probably assumed he’d retired from acting and taken up righteous causes (He joined the press regulation campaign group Hacked Off in 2012), but recent years have seen him take a few lead and supporting roles where his quintessentially decent presence has worked wonders.

2015’s The Rewrite barely registered over here, but his portrayal of a washed up screenwriter taking up teaching at a US college was a joy to watch.

In it he is everything you want him to be, funny, smart and yes, at times, awkward. The script plays to his strengths perfectly, well worth a watch with the dark nights coming in.

Since then he excelled in Florence Foster Jenkins, turning a potential one note role into something much more complex, and had great fun in the 2015 film version of The Man From UNCLE as the spy boss always one step ahead of everyone else.

Most recently he simply excelled in Paddington 2 as the actor fallen on hard times, reduced to making dog food commercials.

In a film full of highlights, he was a particular highlight.

Add to this his portrayal of disgraced MP Jeremy Thorpe in this year’s BBC1 series A Very British Scandal, and it’s clear that Hugh Grant is currently very much on a roll.

The Rewrite is available on Netflix now, Maurice screens on Wednesday, October 31 at Kinokulture Cinema, Oswestry, more info at www.oswestryfilmsociety.com