POWYS County Council insists it has resolved problems with an Oswestry bus service following 'snags' to the new timetable.

Residents contacted the Advertizer following several reports of the T12 bus service from Machynlleth to Oswestry being late and following a new route plan without notifying the public.

Denise Alman from Morda said the lack of information has affected people who rely on the service.

"It's been very disorganised, but the fact we weren't notified the timetable and route was going to change has been frustrating," she said.

Another Morda resident, Ann Grover, also added that the lack of information has meant that she has been late for work.

She said: "We've been waiting at the bus stop to be told the bus doesn't even stop there anymore. It seems to be very un-organised and has affected a lot of people."

But now Powys County Council has confirmed that issues identified are now being resolved, as well as introducing a new section of the bus route from Oswestry to Wrexham.

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “The T12 is a new Traws Cymru service running from Machynlleth to Oswestry via Newtown, Welshpool, and Oswestry, combining the X85 and X71 services and was due to commence on September 3.

“Because of unforeseen circumstances, the required registration period was not met for the new regulations in England and Shropshire Council opposed the registration so the section between Oswestry and Wrexham could not run until registration requirements were met.

"This has been resolved and the Oswestry – Wrexham section will begin on October 19.

“After a few weeks of running, a number of snags have come to light over routing and timing. These issues have been identified and a plan is being put in place to resolve them which also starts on October 19.

“We are waiting for the service registrations from Lloyds Coaches and Tanat Valley so the council can put a finalised timetable together, along with stop changes.

“Shropshire Council is responsible for the roadside publicity around the Oswestry area and will ensure that the finalised timetables are displayed accordingly.”