THEATRE fans in Oswestry were treated to performances of Peter Quilter’s The Actress.

The show took to the stage at Attfield Theatre during the first week of October and took audiences on a very intriguing journey.

Set primarily in a backstage dressing room, the audience follows the build-up and aftermath of a world-famous actress who is taking to the stage for a final time.

The titular actress, Lydia Martin, having had an illustrious career is hit with the realisation that she will no longer be herself as a performer, but just herself as a person.

Having devoted most of her life to performing on stage and capturing the attention of thousands of fans, it is evident she is distracted from those who truly care for her.

People from her life visit her dressing room throughout the play, bringing up memories and stirring up her emotions.

As the play goes on, it becomes more and more evident that Lydia is used to being spoilt by those around her, so much so that anyone who doesn’t agree with her is pushed away.

The show was not short of talent, as the cast of just nine actors put on a commendable show.

Becca Moore gave a stand-out performance fulfilling the role of The Actress excellently in a well-directed display.

It is a well-thought out play that gives an insight to the difficulty faced by those who find it difficult to come to terms with being famous and balancing their life in the spotlight with their personal life.

Despite the serious undertone, the play has comedy scattered throughout the display, with some great one-liners and quick-witted jokes that gets the audience laughing.

For as little as £8, you are treated to a fantastic show with a cast capable of delivering high–quality performances that capture the audience.