A person’s response to a film, like any piece of art, is a highly personal thing. The Film Society recently screened the film Birth (2004), which a large proportion of the audience didn’t necessarily enjoy, but a handful of us really liked.

Like most things in life, film isn’t ‘one size fits all’.

One of the things I love about being involved in the programming of films for the Society is taking some risks and deciding to show films that may have limited appeal, but will certainly speak to a minority very personally.

The Oswestry Film Society doesn’t have a mission statement, but I’m quite certain if it did it would certainly feature the word ‘inclusiveness’. We strive to show films that reflect the diversity of the people in the society we live in. Not forgetting of course to entertain along the way!

With this in mind, last year we launched our first off-shoot LGBTQ+ themed film season. We had a terrific response from those that came, so were encouraged to make it an annual event. Our Pride season films are intended to present the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, but also provide a great night’s entertainment.

The season begins on Wednesday October 31 with a beautiful 30th anniversary restoration of Merchant Ivory’s British classic, Maurice (1987). Following that we have this year’s Oscar winning Best Foreign Language film, A Fantastic Woman. Then there’s the box office hit Love, Simon that broke the mould earlier this year by being a mainstream teen rom-com featuring a gay protagonist. The season finishes with a brand new British film, Anchor and Hope, already receiving warm reviews for its story of a lesbian couple living on a canal boat and facing an uncertain future as new parents.

It looks set to be a great season and we’d love to see you there! One size doesn’t fit all, but all are welcome.

Full season details and tickets are available from our website