WHAT has proved to be a completely futile Future Fit consultation – because only a tiny percentage of us took part – is now complete and health bosses say an independent company will examine the views. Run that past me again: ‘an independent company’ will help the health commissioners make up their mind.

So they have proven, to the very end, they are incapable of making a decision themselves, after spending thousands upon thousands on ‘consultations’.

No doubt a few more months will be wasted until they spit out the result we’ve been expecting from the outset. Is this really how the future of our shabby health service should be decided?

Senior managers have to appear before the health Overview and Scrutiny Committee to explain things. Why didn’t they lock themselves in a room, three years ago, until they had the backbone to make a decision?

Galeri example

DON’T get jealous, but Caernarfon’s Galeri has just opened a £4m brand-new cinema - in a former courthouse.

Galeri Caernarfon CEO Gwyn Roberts says: “We’re pleased we have been able to give Caernarfon a proper cinema for the first time since 1984.” If Caernarfon, with a population half of Oswestry’s at only 9,615, can support a modern new cinema, why shouldn’t Oswestry?

We already have the admittedly impressive KinoKulkture facility in Oswestry, but it’s squeezed upstairs in a 200-year-old church.

Come on Oswestry, source the cash and smart new premises – make this exciting idea flourish!

Train woes

OH GREAT! KeolisAmey has just announced blunt-fronted London Tube trains – destined for our Gobowen and Chirk line – will be slower than the existing Arriva trains. They’ll have a top speed of 60mph compared to the current 75mph. But KeolisAmey reckons travel times could fall marginally, as acceleration times are better. Where that argument collapses is we have longer gaps between our stations, unlike London, where the slower run between stations will hardly compensate for the seconds gained on start-up.

Reunion request

AN OLD neighbour of mine, from 46 years ago, has asked me to help her trace Vicki Bowen, who lived alongside the canal at St Martins with her brother David. The former neighbour and Vicki attended Wrexham’s Cartrefle teacher-training college and they want Vicki to attend a reunion. Can you help me trace her?

Why not here?

WHY would anyone want to build a crematorium in Nesscliffe, which is so close to the existing one at Shrewsbury? There’s also one at Wrexham. So wouldn’t it make more sense to house one around Oswestry?

It’s police work

VOLUNTEERS are being sought as Saturday-night Street Angels in Oswestry, to defuse incidents and aid emergency services. Surely that’s the role of our badly-cropped police?