A POPULAR headteacher has resigned from his role after 16 years of work at a primary school and is set to achieve a lifelong dream.

Richard Hines had fulfilled the role of headteacher of Weston Rhyn Primary School for 13 years before stepping away from his role in the first week of the new academic year.

Mr Hines is leaving work in the education field to follow his passion for trains and become a train conductor.

He has received a large amount of praise online from parents and former pupils of the school, with many noting that he will be missed.

An assembly was held on Mr Hines’ last day at the school where ex-students and teachers, including the former headteacher himself, shared stories.

Carolyne Wood, a parent governor at the school, said: “Everyone is really sad to see him go.

“It’s nice to see so many comments online from former pupils to see how many people he’s helped and how well respected he is.

“He was always on the yard in the mornings and at the end of the day to greet children and parents.

“I think he has always been popular among the children because he is good at getting down to their level to talk to them, and he’s always very much had an open-door policy.

“He was always very passionate about what he did during his time at the school, he really will be missed, and a lot of people will agree that he’s leaving big shoes to fill.”

A comment on a Facebook post written by supply teacher Jane Aiken, said: “I can’t believe he will no longer be head there, he is one of my favourite heads to work for.

“Thanks for everything Richard and enjoy your next move.”

Mr Hines has now taken on his new role working at Chester train station as a conductor.