Shropshire Union Canal Society volunteers continued with channel shaping, lining and block laying on the Montgomery Canal Restoration Project between Pryces Bridge and Crickheath near Pant.

Another 30 metres was completed over the weekend September 7 and 9.

Four layers of waterproof material were laid across the channel and then this was covered with an overburden of concrete blocks. In all 3,000 were laid down over the three days

Work also continued with channel shaping further along this section to enable another 40 metres to be laid down during a second work party in September.

One-hundred-and-sixty metres have now been finished with a remaining 60 metres to be completed in this section by Christmas, when the section will be filled with water to test it.

Other work consisted of installing a line of stone called the ‘Rip-Rap’ along the top of the new canal sides and the tow path.

Contractors, engaged by CRT, to construct the Winding Hole at Crickheath, have begun in earnest having installed piling along a considerable length of the Winding Hole.

It is estimated that both ends of the 735 metre stretch will be restored, in water, and have boats on it by 2020 / 21.