A ground floor window of Oswestry Memorial Hall has been cracked and in need of repair.

The exact cause of the damage is still to be identified, although the manager of the Memorial Hall Gareth Thomas said that a piece of rock was found lying nearby.

Mr Thomas said it was extremely disappointing to see the window had been damaged.

"We are only kept running by the room hire from the various local groups who use the Hall," said Mr Thomas.

"If no one is prepared to step forward and take responsibility, then it is the community who will ultimately be paying for the damage."

Mr Thomas accepts the damage may have been accidental but believes that if that is the case, it is still important to step forward.

"Unfortunately, accidental damage costs the same amount to put right as vandalism does," he said.

Mr Thomas said the Memorial Hall committee is working in conjunction with Oswestry's CCTV co-ordinator.