OSWESTRY has a new king after the sword was pulled from the stone during the Heritage Open Days.

At 11.20am on Sunday, September 9, the sword in the stone competition found its rightful winner, after hundreds of attempts by other contestants who took the challenge over the previous day and Sunday morning.

The winner was Ryan Mondiwa, who wishes to be known as 'Ryan the Righteous'.

King Ryan, 24, lives in Weston Rhyn, said that he was delighted to be the winner, especially as it was his birthday.

When asked about his main attribute as a king, he announced that he was "good looking".

The sword had been made especially for the event by the British Ironwork Centre and bedded in the stone block by Oswestry Town Museum volunteers, which is now on display in the museum.

King Ryan was presented prizes from his 'loyal subjects', including gifts from Booka, Christians Jewellers, Aroma Cafe, Engraving Plus, Whisky, Gin and a Gallon of Joules ale.