A FAMILIAR face to Oswestry shoppers has bid farewell to colleagues and customers on her retirement.

Jill Richardson, 70, received flowers and a watch from colleagues at the Old Chapel pharmacy.

Jill, who lives in Oswestry and worked in pharmacies in the town on and off for 55 years, said that the best part of her job was dealing with customers.

“I’ve made loads of friends with customers,” she said.

“ It’s important to get to know your customers and if you’re nice to them, they’ll be nice with you.”

Jill also thanked all the staff who she had worked with over the years. She and the staff planned to go for a meal in the town to mark her retirement.

She added that she would spend her retirement enjoying hobbies such reading and painting.

Jill’s colleague Vicky Jones said: “I’ve worked with her for around 20 years, and I think what she’s done is fantasticAlmost everyone knows her in the area and to put in over 50 years in that role is really something special and something she deserves recognition for.”