I SAW last week that Leroy Sane came in for some severe criticism from Germany midfielder Toni Kroos before their game with France.

I was really surprised at that to be honest as he's such a good player – he's so quick, both feet and so exciting to watch in an attacking sense and everyone wants to watch him play.

I would pay to watch live so I couldn't understand firstly why he doesn't improve Germany and now we're seeing his Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola do the same thing.

Is there a problem with his attitude? Has he been given a chance one too many and then it's people saying that he has to start again and earn his chance again?

There's no smoke without fire and if there's two managers saying the same thing then you have to wonder.

He's back in the German squad now so they will want to see if he's going to have a better attitude, but I was surprised that such a talent was left out of both his international team and his club side too.

But I don't think the questioning of whether he's bothered or not is fair at all.