A GROUP that helps people with disabilities and mental health issues find work is looking for partners to aid its work.

The British Ironwork Centre near Oswestry has agreed to take on two clients from Enable for work experience at the visitor destination.

A spokesman for the centre said: "Will and Lee from Enable will be joining us next week (Wednesday) to take part in our work experience scheme.

"One of the boys will be working with our logistics team learning all that goes into deliveries and despatches and the other will be working in our showroom, experiencing what it means to be one of the first face that our customers see.

"Working alongside our warehouse manager, Neil, our logistics role will explore general warehousing, product distribution, packing, and many other skillsets, allowing our Enable attendant to get a real feel for what goes into the job role.

"In the showroom, our other Enable attendant will be working alongside Jill, our head of showroom, assisting customers, creating displays, merchandising, and generally being the first point of call for our visitors questions and enquiries."

Enable was created as a way to help those with disabilities and other special needs find long-term employment in Shropshire.

It aims to match their clients with the best possible regional employer based on their individual interests and skillsets.

The British Ironwork Centre spokesman added: "These opportunities provide a perfect platform for individuals to gain knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their future careers and become self-sufficient.

"We hope that working with Enable and their clients will offer both a rich learning experience for their candidates and help us to gain valuable relationships with a wonderful set of individuals."

Enable is looking for partners to help its clients. for more information, visit www.enableservices.co.uk/