A COLLEGE for students with physical and learning disabilities has urged visitors to help its fundraising.

Derwen College in Gobowen is inviting people to fill a bag with apples from its orchard and leave a donation towards the £60,0000 fundraising target for new facilities.

Most of the apple trees in the orchard are eating apples, but there are cooking apples too.

Pete Evans, commercial development manager at Derwen College said: "We use our cooking apples to make our award winning Spiced Apple Chutney, and we have already harvested what we need to make the chutney, but there are lots of apples left.

"There has been a bumper crop, and we just don't need all of them. We would love to see people come here and pick them for their own use - there are some delicious varieties here. All we ask for is a donation in our charity bucket."

Visitors can ask for a carrier bag at the Derwen College Garden Centre, where staff will direct visitors. Visitors are asked to make a donation towards college charity funds in return.

Anna Evans, Derwen College Fundraiser said: "Derwen College is a charity and we are continuousy raising funds to provide the oppportunities and experiences our students need to develop and improve their independance skills.

"All donations will go towards our bepoke new hydrotherapy pool which will provide many of our students with a fabulous facility they need to improve physical movement and sensory awareness."