A TAXI firm new to the area has hit out over “shocking” tactics being employed to deter them from trading in Oswestry.

Managers at Go Carz have claimed that their drivers are being intimidated by some rival drivers, with one incident being reported to the police.

Go Carz director Cindy Wilday said that some negative posts about the company have appeared on social media, but insists that they won’t be put off offering their services in the town.

“We were asked by customers to come to Oswestry because they were frustrated at the low numbers of taxis available in the town,” she said.

“We have been really busy and our drivers carried out nearly 1,000 jobs in the area last week.

“Oswestry is a fantastic town and we are delighted to be working here but we have been shocked and surprised at how some people have reacted. Some of our banners and posters have been torn down, and some of the comments on social media have been rather negative, to say the least.

“It seems some of our rivals are not happy that Go Carz has started operating in Oswestry but our message to them is that we are here to stay.”

West Mercia Police have confirmed that an incident was reported to them at 2.32am on Sunday, August 19 regarding four taxis blocking a Go Carz driver.

The drivers of the other taxis allegedly told the Go Carz driver that they are not allowed to park in the area and that they shouldn’t come back.

Police confirmed no arrests were made as a result of the incident.

Ms Wilday added: “We have reported that incident to the police because we will not tolerate our drivers being threatened just for doing their job.

“We must be rubbing some people up the wrong way, but it frankly doesn’t matter what they say; we are here for the people of Oswestry and we are here to stay.”

The company’s director claims that Go Carz is the fifth largest taxi firm in the country and the largest in Shropshire, boasting some of the best technology in the business