I WAS pleased to see Spanish players speaking out against the possibility of La Liga playing a league fixture in New York this season.

They had a meeting that was reportedly attended by Sergio Ramos among other senior players.

I saw on the news that they've been told they have to play for commercial reasons but it's good that they're getting together to say that's not right.

Yes, we understand that commercially these things are good for big clubs but even then players are getting dragged everywhere, across Asia and North America and it must wreak havoc with their sleep patterns etc.

I know they travel first class but there's still jet-lag issues. While New York is only six hours behind Spain and not as bad as Asia, there's still some complications from travel.

You can understand where the players are coming from but the clubs are telling them they have to do it and I'm not sure where the players can go with an ultimatum.

Football has swung from players having no power to then having too much power and now they're back to being treated like commodities, albeit well-paid ones.

They will help clubs gather massive financial clout through sponsorships across the world who pay billions to watch them on the television, especially in Asia.

They might think given the subscriptions and the fact that fans fly to Spain to watch them, there could be a bit of give and take, but Spanish players are only human.

To be dragged here, there and everywhere is a big ask.