It IS fair to say that Jose Mourinho has had a tough start to the season.

It came out over the weekend that he accused Manchester City of lacking class from excerpts of the recently-released documentary but it was confirmed that the club fined Antony Martial two weeks wages for missing training for the birth of his child.

I don't think he's one to talk about class, given he was the man who once poked the eye of someone in Barcelona's backroom staff.

I've gone on record in the past to say how much I like him but at the moment, it's just not happening for him.

Whether it's the players who are just not buying into what he's doing at the moment, I don't know but there's certain rumblings from the fans too about the style of football.

The footballing world is on his back and some are saying that the players are downing tools because they don't want to play for him anymore.

I only saw the United result as we were playing our own game at the time, but it might look that way. Has he got much time left? I don't know.

He can't escape this third season syndrome because he puts so much effort into the first season to then win something in his second season but by the time the third comes along, it's just like a pressure cooker.

It gets too much and that's he's not done well in a third season. His managerial record shows he did two years at Porton, two-and-a-half at Chelsea, two at Inter and three at Real Madrid before another two at Chelsea.

It seems he's only done three years at Madrid, but he's spoken of how he wants to stay at United for a long time. If so, he's got to do something this season so that the board say that he's their man.

But the success that Manchester City are having and how good they have been, it's getting to him a little bit.

People are talking over social media about how good the footage of Manchester City and Pep Guardiola is and the money they can spend, and it's getting to him.

Regarding Martial, you look at Guardiola and how much he made of winning for David Silva's little boy, it's chalk and cheese to how Mourinho has handled it.