Wayne Rooney’s tackle back and cross for a winning goal for DC United last week is real ‘Roy of the Rovers’ stuff, isn’t it?

He seems to be having a new lease of life too. It’s a new life there and a new family environment and it’s a big change from what he’s used to, in terms of playing Premier League football all his life.

Rooney is going into a dressing room environment where he is the king once more and one where everyone is looking up to him.

He’s the icon of English football over the last decade and he’s such a good footballer. He’s lost his way a little along the way but he’s still a great player.

Rooney knows he’s probably the best player there and among the best in the league, but to be fair, he’s showing it and I think that’s what they all want to see with that hunger and team spirit, which will rub off on his teammates.

It was great to see him run 50 yards for a tackle and then play a switch right onto his teammate’s head to score.

As an aside, it was funny to see him to knackered to celebrate because he was dead on his feet. But you want to see your players like that and the sort you'd want in your team.