A SPECIAL Guide Dog Awareness event saw many people giving plenty of attention to the hard-working pooches that help blind and partially-sighted people.

The event, which took place on the Bailey Head earlier this month, boasted a range of stalls that all help people who have sight-loss, offering them tips and advice.

The market was led by the Oswestry Guide Dogs Fundraising Branch, and Lin Stapley from the group said she was pleased with the event.

"We did an event last year but it was a lot smaller – this year it has grown considerably," she said.

"It's great to see other charities here. When someone loses their sight, it's absolutely life-changing.

"It has the potential for people to become housebound and afraid, and it's often difficult to know where to go to get advice.

"But in the same way that losing your sight is life changing – so is getting a guide dog.

"I've got my dog Woody and he's brilliant."

Woody, along with other guide dogs, were the stars of the charity event, getting plenty of love and attention from passers-by who couldn't resist giving the dogs a fuss.

Deputy mayor, Councillor John Price, was there to open the event.

"It's such an important event for people in our town," he said.

"How can you put into words just what an important job that this group and these dogs do.

"The fact we can train dogs to be people eyes and ears is amazing, and the nature of the dogs and the volunteers is so lovely.

"I'm bowled over really."