The Premier League was back this weekend and it was great as an outsider to see exciting games.

There's nothing worse than watching a Southampton versus Burnley goalless draw – I'm not into that, to be honest.

I want to see decent games, not defensive ones and I thoroughly enjoyed the Wolves and Everton game on Saturday tea-time which finished 2-2.

Yes, Wolves are a promoted team but they've spent money and they've brought Ruben Neves from the Championship with them and they're exciting to watch and his assist for the second goal was brilliant.

They're the games I want to watch and what I pay my subscriptions to watch on Sky and BT Sport. I couldn't wait for Match of the Day to start so I could watch new teams and exciting games.

After our game on Sunday, I was able to watch the second half of Arsenal against Manchester City, where it seems it was normal business resumed for the Premier League champions.

They were able to bring on Kevin de Bruyne and Leroy Sane – they were frightening. I hope someone will be able to take points off them because otherwise they will be absolutely frightening and can ensure the league will go to March or April.

However, I don't think it will – it'll be a one-horse race. I was pleased for Liverpool to get that win and a good start to the season. They have strengthened again, considering West Ham have already improved. But I think City will be too good for Liverpool to win the league.

It was a good few games of attacking football.

On Friday night, I watched the second half of Manchester United against Leicester and I have to say, I was not impressed. The ground didn't seem to have any atmosphere and it doesn't seem anywhere near the United of the past.

They played free attacking football where the full-backs push on. I don't want to say it, I've lost that love of watching Jose Mourinho's sides. He's moaning too much.

I certainly think if Pep Guardiola had that Manchester United, they wouldn't be 20 points off.